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CHawk Technology can handle your projects entire life cycle, from R&D thru machine production and finally injection molding.  Our specialty is converting machined engineering plastic parts to injection molding by minimizing material waste.  Our core competency is low to medium volume production parts (machined or injection molded). Production doesn’t always have to be tens of thousands of parts, it could also be in the hundreds or even less.  This is especially applicable in medical device and semiconductor manufacturing.  In the early design stages, the part may need an injection molded appearance that typical machining can’t achieve. CHawk Technology can help.

Whether your part has a 5,000 or 50,000 part life cycle, you can justify injection molding.  In order to keep tooling costs down, we utilize a soft tooling concept.  This allows you the flexibility to begin injection molding much earlier in the product life cycle.  Our range of steel (45# – A4136) molds can speed up the time to make a mold and are normally good for close to a million shots or more.

# of Machines Press Size Shot Size
1 80T 113g / 4oz
2 120T 150g / 5.3oz
1 150T 225g / 9oz
1 180T 351g / 12oz
1 400T 620g / 21oz

Our experienced design staff will help you design and evaluate your part for injection molding.  This Design for Manufacturing (DFM) phase of the project allows us to help take some of the unnecessary cost out of your part.

We have a knack for showing cost reductions by taking intricate machined parts with close tolerances and converting them to injection molding.  The ability to take NNS and finish machine to tolerance allows to you show cost reductions.

CHawk injection molding facility in Suzhou City, China has the capability to handle small to medium sized parts, anywhere from 4oz all the way up to 21oz.  We work with various resin compounders globally in order to find the resin that achieves your desired performance.   We have experience in Ultem, PEEK, Radel, PVDF, ABS, PP and beyond.

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