Flexible Manufacturing System

Flexible Manufacturing system

A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) allows a manufacturing system to react in case of changes, whether predicted or unpredicted.

Flexibility in manufacturing enables Chawk the ability to deal with slightly or greatly mixed parts to allow variation in part assembly and variations in process sequence. 

Routing flexibility enables the system to be changed to produce new product types and change the order of operations executed on a component.

Machine flexibility consists of the ability to use multiple machines to perform the same operation on a part, as well as the system’s ability to absorb large-scale changes, such as in volume, capacity, or capability.

The main advantages of an FMS are its high flexibility in managing manufacturing resources like time and effort in order to manufacture a new component or assembly.

 More Advantages to FMS… 

  • Increased spindle time
  • Unmanned machining during lights-out shifts
  • Software capability to automatically reschedule job priorities on the fly based on shifting demands
  • Smart tooling system that automatically checks cutting tools required for scheduled work and have adequate cutter life remaining to complete the work.

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