Plastic Fabrication


When a new product is at its R&D stage or initial low volume production, plastic fabrication can be an excellent solution to provide manufacturing solution without heavy investment in tooling and its associated long lead time.


Chawk Technology’s experienced fabricators are experts in the following processes:

  • Solvent Bonding

    Solvent bonding plastic involves using a solvent to partially dissolve two surfaces which become bonded together after the solvent evaporates. Solvent bonding is best with two similar materials.

  • Conventional Routing

  • Strip Heater Bending

    Strip heat is a method of bending plastic where is there is a heated wire used to soften the area being bent. This method is used for acrylic, styrene, polycarbonate, polypropylene and ABS.

  • Cold Bending

    Cold bending utilized a break press to bend the plastics. The typical material that works with this method is polycarbonate.

  • Mechanical Fastener Installation

    Examples of mechanical fasteners is Heli-Coils, screws and nuts. This method works well with all plastics.

  • Cosmetic Buffing

  • Vapor Polishing

    Vapor polishing use a chemical vapor which changes the surface of the plastic which causes an excellent cosmetic surface. Internal features such as threads and drill holes can be vapor polished. This method is good for Polycarbonate, Ultem, Acrylic, Polysulfone, ABS and PETG.

  • Diffusion Bonding

    Diffusion Bonding is a process where like materials are bonded together at the molecular level through heat and pressure at glass transition temperatures. No solvent is applied and clear bonds can be made with multiple ports or channels. This is excellent for medical manifold applications where a solvent would be considered a contaminant. Since there is minimum distortion to the part details, holes or channels can be bonded down to 1/2 MM in size. Manifolds and flow controls are likely to be manufactured with this process. Common materials are Acrylic, Polycarbonate and Ultem 1000.

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