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Flexible Manufacturing system
Flexible and Lights Out Manufacturing at CHawk Technology

When searching for the right manufacturing partner, selecting a company that uses a Flexible Manufacturing System or Lights-out Manufacturing can be a competitive advantage. Both are different strategies of advanced manufacturing utilized by CHawk Technology to produce complex components and modular assemblies for the semiconductor, medical device, and industrial technology industries.

Flexible Manufacturing

A Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) can react to changes that are both predictable or unplanned. The FMS delivers significant advantages, including its ability to manage resources like time, process, and tooling to manufacture a new component or assembly. With an FMS, you get better efficiency and lower production costs.

At CHawk, we plan for variability due to the nature of the components we build. Two critical types include:

  • Routing flexibility which allows the system to be changed to produce new product types and change the order of operations executed on a component.
  • Machine flexibility gives us the ability to use multiple machines to perform the same operation on a part, as well as the system’s ability to absorb large-scale change.
Other FMS advantages include:
  • Increased spindle time
  • Software capability to automatically reschedule job priorities on the fly based on shifting demands
  • Smart tooling system that automatically checks cutting tools required for scheduled work and have adequate cutter life remaining to complete the work.
Lights-out Manufacturing

Another advantage to using an FMS is the ability to utilize “lights-out shifts.” CHawk Technology can meet increased demand and help you save money on your manufacturing costs with our lights-out shifts. We feature unmanned machining that can run entirely automated saving significant cost on production and enabling greater flexibility for increased demand.

CHawk offers you multiple advantages for manufacturing your next part or assembly. We feature leading-edge manufacturing methods with the right geographical footprint. Our customer-driven focus and performance management will help you from rapid prototyping to your long-range capacity planning.

CHawk Technology in Hayward, CA Completes New 10,000 sqft, Class 10,000 Clean Room

As part of CHawk’s recent US expansion, we’ve added additional Clean Room capabilities. CHawk Technology is now equipped with a state-of-the-art Class 10,000 parts cleaning and assembly facility. Both the US and Singapore are certified to ISO Class 6 in accordance to ISO 14644-1. Classification of Air Cleanliness is equivalent to the U.S. Federal Spec (FS) 209E, Class 1000.

Utilizing the additional capacity CHawk Technology now offers Clean Room Assembly. We can deliver our customers a completely integrated part which saves time and money. Currently, we manufacture in range between moderate to high complexity.

Our parts cleaning facility has been certified by leading global equipment manufacturers and can handle the below processes:

  • Hot/Cold DI Water Bath
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • IPA Parts Cleaning
  • UV Light Inspection
  • Vacuum Sealed Packaging
CHawk’s Hayward Facility is now 133,000 Sq. Ft.

CHawk US has expanded its facility to 133,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing in Hayward, CA. CHawk offers an extensive range of production capabilities and has worked to expand those offerings at the growing US location in Hayward, CA.

For starters, the additional capacity will be utilized to add an expanded Class 10,000 Clean Room for complex assemblies and chemical cleaning. The Clean Room will service customers in the semiconductor, medical, and industrial equipment manufacturing industries.

With continuing strong demand for R&D, design and engineering services in the US, CHawk is in the unique position by enabling customers to manage the entire breath of the product life cycle with one company. We commonly begin the design, and engineering process in the US, only to move production to one of more competitive priced manufacturing facilities such as Malaysia, China or Singapore, depending on the specific needs of the customer. The ability to lift and ship volume production puts CHawk in a unique position relative to other makers of complex components and modular assemblies.

We will continue further investment into new manufacturing locations and capabilities within each market in advance of customer demand. CHawk’s continuing strategy is to forecast changes to both CHawk and its core customers to create competitive advantages now and in the future.


  • 133,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 10,000 Sq. Ft. Clean Room
  • White Room
  • Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Class 10K Clean Room


  • ISO 9001: Year 2015
  • ISO 13485: Year 2016
  • CMM: 4
  • Visual Inspection System: 2


  • Thermoforming
  • CNC Machining (Plastic and Metal)
  • Plastic Welding
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Injection Molding
  • Gun Drilling
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Module Assembly

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Coming in 2018

CHawk Technology is pleased to announce the opening of our new manufacturing facility in 2018. The additional 133,000 square foot facility is an expansion of our current capacity. Furthermore as CHawk’s mission is to be the global market leader in plastic manufacturing, we are adding new capabilities to complement our current manufacturing processes. We will work with the our QE and Commodity team to provide R&D and production approval timelines in the coming weeks.

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Dermody Properties Leases Additional Space in Bay Area to CHawk Technology

Dermody Properties Leases 99,830 Square Feet in Bay Area to CHawk Technology

November 14, 2017

CHawk Expects to Create 120 New Jobs with New Facility

Hayward, Calif. ­— Dermody Properties, a national real estate investment, development and management company, specializing in acquisitions and development of logistics real estate, recently leased the remaining 99,830 square feet of its Huntwood Industrial Center in Hayward, Calif. The new tenant, CHawk Technology (CHawk), is a plastic component manufacturer that supplies semi-conductor companies. This building will be the company’s second facility in Hayward, housing design, engineering and assembly. By leasing the building, CHawk expects to add 120 new jobs.

Steve Kapp, SIOR and Curtis Stahle of Newmark Cornish and Carey represented Dermody Properties in the transaction, and Rick Keely of Colliers International represented CHawk.

“As investors, we look to acquire properties that need improving and repositioning. Huntwood Industrial Center fit the bill. We have made a significant investment in building improvements, and are excited to welcome CHawk,” said George Condon, Partner, Dermody Properties West Region Office. “We are pleased that a local company of its caliber and reputation chose our building. Steve Kapp and Curtis Stahle of Newmark, Cornish and Carey brought us this investment opportunity last year, and then did a great job leasing it for us.”

The Huntwood Industrial Center is a 133,000-sqaure-foot building occupying 5.94 acres at 31033 Huntwood Avenue in Hayward, Calif., and with the addition of CHawk it is now entirely leased. The building is located in the desirable Crocker South submarket and its location on the I-880 Corridor makes it an ideally-suited distribution and manufacturing location. This will be CHawk’s second location in the United States. The company’s headquarters are also located in Hayward. CHawk has additional facilities located in Singapore, China and Malaysia.

“We are very excited to add this facility as it gives us much needed capacity and puts CHawk in an ideal position for continuous growth,” said Andy Kishore, COO, CHawk Technology Intl., Inc. “The facility is also strategically located close to our other manufacturing facilities in Hayward, where the company started in 2011.”

Dermody Properties continues to look for additional acquisition opportunities similar to the Huntwood Industrial Center in the Bay Area and throughout the U.S., and has more than 1.2 million square feet currently available for lease in the western United States.

The Oakland industrial market that encompasses the Huntwood Industrial Center has seen a steady rise in lease and property values since the recession. The market is currently experiencing a 98% occupancy rate, which is a positive sign that development will continue to increase in this industrial business hub.

About Dermody Properties
Dermody Properties is a privately owned industrial real estate investment, development and management firm that specializes in acquisitions and development of logistics real estate in strategic locations for e-commerce fulfillment centers, third party logistics and distribution customers. Founded in 1960, Dermody Properties has invested in more than 70 million square feet of industrial space. To learn more about Dermody Properties visit Dermody.com.

About CHawk Technology
CHawk Technology Intl is a privately owned contract manufacturing company with fully owned subsidiaries in Singapore, China (Suzhou) and Malaysia. CHawk has over 500K square feet of manufacturing space globally with core competency in plastic component manufacturing and module assembly. For more information, visit www.chawtchnologytechnology.com.

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CHawk is growing again…..

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CHawk China is moving to a new 60,000 SF state of art manufacturing facility.

CHawk China is moving to a new 60,000 SF state of art manufacturing facility.

Our New facility will enable CHawk to better serve its Medical and Industrial equipment customers’ increasingly sophisticated needs. It will add injection molding, Large Gantry Thermoforming and multiple Customer Specific Assembly Lines. The increased floor space will allow CHawk to add new manufacturing processes for more vertical integration.

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New Material for Demanding Applications

VESTAKEEP® – Semilon PK5000

Do you have a high temperature (450°F) requirement where your part is exposed to some harsh chemicals and the application requires the part to be slightly bendable? THINK Semilon PK5000, the most ductile PEEK on the market. The elongation at break is a minimum of 100%. As a point of reference, you can compare that to polycarbonate which is 110%. Most other varieties of PEEK have an elongation around 40%.

Contact a CHawk Technology Sales Engineer today! We can help you design and manufacture your next PEEK requirement.

Looking for cost reduction?

See examples of how Near Net Shapes can save both machining and material expense.

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