CHawk Technology was established in 2005 by a group of managers and technologists coming from the plastic manufacturing industry. As a management owned company, CHawk focuses its philosophy around five principles; global presence, advanced technology, operational excellency, respect for human talent and management commitment to customer satisfaction.

CHawk Technology’s headquarter in Hayward, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley.  With its fully owned subsidiary in Singapore, China (Suzhou), and Malaysia.

CHawk Technology’s core competencies are in low to medium volume plastic component manufacturing and module assembly.  We serve equipment manufacturers in semiconductor, electronics, medical, biomedical, solar, green energy, oil & gas, testing instruments and other industrial equipment.

CHawk Technology’s manufacturing processes include plastic thermoforming (vacuum, pressure and drape forming), plastic fabrication, hot gas welding, fusion and diffusion bonding, contamination free and high precision CNC machining (3-5 Axis) and module assembly.